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About Us

Landscape and interior designers extraordinaire, Gino Dreese and Troy Williams are available for your one of a kind landscaping projects. Gino, from Amsterdam, studied garden architecture at De Rijks Hogere Tuinbouwschool in Boskoop, The Netherlands. Troy, from South Florida, is a graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in environmental design. They have been planting fantastic landscapes together since 1985. If you are interested in creating an “oasis of eclectic chic”, with a unique sense or artistry, they can bring life and soul to any property.

Gino and Troy are intent upon saving valuable resources, such as water. Their gardens utilize drought resistant plant material – trees, shrubs, cactus and succulents. Best known for their incredible bottle walls and benches, they are also famous for incorporating rocks, tiles, rusty tools, personal memorabilia, driftwood, statues and other funky objects into their creations. Every project is “imaginative, innovative and completely professional.”

A perfect example of this work is “The Jewel of Joshua Tree”, their masterpiece, the Mojave Rock Ranch. This “Pleasure Palace”  location is available for Photo/Video shoots, small private Events and high end Accommodations for two. It is “hidden, exclusive, romantic, isolated, odd, eclectic and appealing.”

Mojave Rock Ranch is an extremely unique rock and bottle house, situated on 225 acres of pristine Mojave desert land, in Joshua Tree, CA. Looking more like and African lodge, this place has spectacular 360° views, unbelievable architecture, fantastic boulder formations, dry washes, snow covered mountain views and outrageous cactus gardens. Writer Christopher Reynolds says: “The Mojave Rock Ranch is the most striking of the bunch… in the Gene-Autry-meets-Simon-Rodia school of design.”

Contact Us if you are interested in booking the Mojave Rock Ranch for your next Photo/Video shoot, Private Event, as an Accommodation or if you would like to speak with us about a landscaping project.  Please call  (760) 217-1236 or email us and we will be happy to get back with you.